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Myths about meal replacement — What’s the truth?

With the ever changing food habits of the young generation in India, mainly in metropolitan cities, it is getting increasingly difficult to find the meal which takes care of our body, is quick to grab and suits our taste buds as well with negligible side effects.

India, being the traditional country, is always little resistant to the changing trends in food industry. While most of our counterparts all over the world are moving to healthy options in form of protein meals, shakes and meal replacements, we are still trying to have the nutrients check with elaborate thalis — “proper” khana.


However, as this article rightly indicates, there are a lot of myths surrounding meal replacement which are blockers in the way of its adoption in Indian market, in spite of the manifold advantages it provides.

Nothing can possibly “replace” a meal

Absolutely TRUE. Nothing can replace any of your meals — be it breakfast / lunch / dinner if you have the proper ratio of nutrients and have the time to eat it at proper time. However, we would agree that many of us while travelling or working late, have the tendency to grab something quick from food outlets for ticking the checklist of lunch / dinner and think that our body has got the proper nourishment. It is the second part which goes wrong.

Proper Indian Meal?

Proper Indian Meal?

Meal replacements come handy at exactly the above time when you need some healthy input while you do not have time to eat a proper meal. They have the right ratio of proteins, vitamins, carbs and minerals (while giving it a tasty edge) which you would have got from an otherwise healthy meal. True, that it does not give the satisfaction of “eating”, but Hey! Better something than nothing, isn’t it?


Has long term side-effects

This is a genuine doubt in lot of our minds because we haven’t been brought up with the idea of meal replacement shakes. Naturally, we think that lot of artificial ingredients have gone into its making which might not show effects immediately but do have long term health implications.

Meal Replacements could be long term solution

Meal Replacements could be long term solution

The truth, however, is far from that. Meal replacement shakes are made with utmost care and with correct proportion of essential nutrients. Flavours are added just to give your tasty buds an edge. Most of the meal replacement shakes have a dietician allotted for counselling. When in doubt, you can directly reach the dietician and know the exact ingredients of your replacement shakes. Be rest assured that nothing is fishy here.

Are used by people who want to slim down

Well, if you depend on the meal replacements for your daily diets, it can, in the long term. Due to this reason, meal replacements should never be taken daily for a considerable amount of time. And it should never replace your meals consistently.

Meal Replacement fits lot of fitness use cases

Meal Replacement fits lot of fitness use cases

Meal replacements are meant for those occasions where you are not able to manage a full fledged diet. Having them regularly for every diet is not recommended if you maintain healthy lifestyle.

Are they even authentic?

The fact that most of the big FMCG players are not in this field, gives the impression that probably these products are not authentic and may include adulteration. On the other hand, the fact is that this is a high growth market is attracting a lot of small players who want to pump in quality products into the market. Why you might not hear a lot about this on traditional channels is because people who will benefit the most of these products live in metro cities.

myDaily Chocolate Meal Replacement

myDaily Chocolate Meal Replacement

Above all, it is natural to psyche out when an entirely new product is launched into a market by new players, which has been mostly governed by traditional FMCG guys.

What we recommend is — try these products once (of course from well informed sources) and find out for yourself the benefits. We guarantee you will not regret 🙂


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-Team myDaily

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