National Nutrition Week, 1-7th sept

National Nutrition Week, 1-7th Sept, 2018.

What is National Nutrition week?

National Nutrition Week in India is observed during 1st September to 7 September, every year. The goal of this is to make people aware about the importance of nutrition for the body and general well being of health.

This is in general to increase the awareness around right eating habits, understanding one’s own needs and taking effort to make it happen.

The nutrition week normally has a theme attached to it. This year the theme is : “Go Further with Food”. While in 2017 this was focussed around children, ‘Optimal Infant & Young Child Feeding Practices: Better Child Health’


National Nutrition Week, 1-7th sept

National Nutrition Week

We, at myDaily believe in a healthy India. We also have a strong inclination to believe that how diet is pivotal to make you healthy. Hence we are a strong advocate as well as ambassador for the Nutrition Week. Hence we’re taking this year’s theme very seriously and helping users understand how to go further with food!

Here is what we are doing.

  1. Daily, we will be posting information around a macro nutrient essential to our diet. Be it Fats, Carbs, Proteins or more. We will start from the basics – what is it and move on to explain how and why it’s important. We will also be busting some basic myths around the nutrient that day.

For the first day, we’ve started with Carbs.

  1. We will be collecting questions, doubts during the whole week from our followers. During the last 2 days of the week, we will try and answer those questions to help our users. We’ve some in house experts – health and nutritionist to help in those queries.

So if you’ve some queries, drop us an email, or a message to : +91 –  or you can follow our instagram page and send us a message there.

How can you follow us?

We will be posting these on our instagram and facebook page. You can check those at:

Instagram, Facebook:

So join us together during this Nutrition week and strive towards our goal of a healthy India!

-Team myDaily.

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