mydaily launches whey protein

myDaily launches Whey Protein Range

Hi Everyone,

We are happy today! Our happiness comes from our much awaited ( yes delayed ) launch of our new myDaily Protein Shakes for Men and Women. These are very unique and thoughtful products. Products that fits into our vision to help you meet your protein and nutritional needs very conveniently and effortlessly.

Why a protein shake?

Lot of people asked us this:

‘Why do we need a protein shake when we are getting our proteins from eggs, meat and daal?’

Before even discussing the need of additional protein in our diet, we need to first understand what is protein and what does it do in our body. To begin with, protein is a chain of organic compounds called amino acids. Muscles, tissue, bone, skin, and blood all are made of protein, so when your body needs to repair or build new cells, it relies on protein to get the job done.

According to recent health surveys, 80% of the diets in India are protein deficient with more than 84% vegetarian diets being protein deficient. The major cause of the protein deficient Indian diets is that 60% of our diet is cereal and although cereals are not completely devoid of protein, they are not protein-rich and lack an essential amino acid which is required for growth and tissue repair. Also, vegetarians get most of their protein from daal where less protein is absorbed by the body as compared to animal protein.

Moreover, in today’s fast paced lifestyle, having the right mix and right amount of protein in diet is cumbersome to estimate and consume. Therefore, it becomes much more important to supplement one’s daily diet with protein.

Why myDaily Protein Shake?

We realised that if protein supplementation is required, we should make it extremely healthy and convenient. ‘Effortless Health’ is the motto of all myDaily products. We also realised that requirements differ for men and women. And hence, we launched separate products for them –

myDaily Muscle Building Whey Protein for Men

myDaily Lean Women Whey Protein

  1. Extreme convenience: Each myDaily protein shake comes in an easy-to-carry sachet which has pre-measured amount for each drink. So, no need to measure scoops but you can simply carry the sachet and mix it with water anytime, anywhere.
  2. Right Protein Content: Protein content per serving has been maintained at the required 25g for males and 21g for females to fuel your muscles and meet metabolic needs.
  3. Lean Protein for Women: Many women are concerned that taking protein may bulk them up. So, we have taken the required protein content for them and also ensured that the source is rich only in protein and other nutrients (fats and carbohydrates) are just negligible making it lean.
  4. High BCAAs: We have ensured that for Men protein, Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) are 5.5g that will help in muscle building and preventing muscle fatigue.
  5. Faster muscle recovery: Added Glutamine to men protein to ensure faster muscle recovery and no muscle fatigue
  6. Added Nutrients: Calcium, Vitamin D and other minerals and vitamins are added to ensure stronger bones and overall nutrition
  7. Beautiful skin, hair & nail: Women Lean Protein is fortified with Vitamin B, D and other minerals & vitamins to ensure flawless skin and beautiful hair & nails
  8. Fully digested and absorbed: It has been enriched with DigeZyme, multi-enzyme mix to aid in digestion, absorption & 100% utilization of whey
  9. You get a dedicated, absolutely FREE diet consultation with every purchase!

So, no more protein deficiency. Looking forward to leaner, toner and fitter you in 2019!

-Team myDaily

mydaily launched whey protein
myDaily launched whey protein range!