Best Ways to Lose Weight

Losing weight is playing on every mind in the recent years. The key to success in this can be simple and can be achieved with the minimal effort. Start this by making realistic changes in your diet and physical exercise routine that should not be difficult for you to retain all through your life.

Choose what you eat wisely.

This could be the best way to lose weight – making long term changes that will benefit you by a steady weight loss plan. Following a FAD diet may help you lose weight with in very less time but the changes made for that are way too much to retain after the goal is achieved and thus, when you stop following them, you tend you regain all the weight that you had lost! So, following a FAD diet to lose weight is not advisable and not healthy too. 

Plan on losing weight realistically, for example – keep a target of 0.5KG to 1 KG per week along with a promise to yourself to follow a healthy diet plan and exercise routine. The concept to “go on a diet” should be removed and the new healthy eating lifestyle should be accepted as the only way of life. 

Listed below are some tips that can help in losing weight in the best ways.

  • NO SKIPPING MEALS – many people tend to skip meals thinking it is good for weight loss. The basic idea that they revolve around is to cut down on calories. This could be dangerous as they do not have complete knowledge on how to do so. Skipping meals in order to cut calories is not at all the right way to go about it. Skipping a meal will only help in gaining weight and not losing. Also if you skip a meal completely you will also miss out on the nutrients along with the calories which may also, most likely end up in snacking too much throughout the day because of the hunger. So instead of cutting calories you will end up adding more of it.
  • SMALL, FREQUENT MEALS – having small and frequent meals throughout the day will actually help in losing weight. It also reduces the temptation of snacking on high calorie foods since your stomach is already feeling “full”. You will not have to worry about eating too much too, as that too will be taken care of. Small portion sizes makes it easier for the body to digest the food that you intake and absorb the nutrients better rather than having a very big meal after a long time gap.
  • ADD FRUITS AND VEGETABLES – Fruits and vegetables are low calorie foods but have high levels of nutrients in them. Having them as a part of your meal and snacks will provide you with the rich fibre content and also the essential vitamins and minerals you can benefit from. 

A bowl of salad before your meal will help you absorb all the good nutrients and will also facilitate eating less without any effort.

Add colour to your diet.
  • EXERCISE IS A MUST – exercises have a lot of other advantages other than weight loss. It will help boost your confidence, persistence and motivation. Exercises are important as the human body is designed to do physical activity. When we restrict the body of any physical activity we tend to put on weight, a lot of fat is stored and not burned which leads to it. Having a minimal amount of physical activity like exercises, jogging, running or even brisk walking will help a lot. Weight lifting exercises can be done 3 times a week for better results.
  • DRINK MORE WATER – sometimes it may happen that you confuse your thirst with hunger and end up eating calories that weren’t even needed. Keeping yourself hydrated will help you function a lot better. At least 2-3 litres of water a day should be taken. Water with lemon or honey in the morning can be a nice boost for your metabolism. 
  • PICK HIGH FIBRE FOODS – high fibre foods help in making you feel full for a longer time with small quantities. This will prevent you from snacking on unhealthy snacks and help you lose weight. Pick whole grain items rather than refined grains. Skip white bread, tinned vegetables, cakes and biscuits or even breakfast cereals and include whole wheat bread or brown bread, brown rice, fruits, vegetables, oats or pop-corn. 
Examples of fibre rich grains.
  • KEEP A CALORIE COUNT – whenever you are obsessed to eat something, keeping a calorie count helps you keep a check on the calories you take in. If there are many calories in a particular type of food it should give you those many essential nutrients too. If not so, it isn’t for you. Eating “empty calories” will only make you gain weight and will hinder in your weight loss plan making it very difficult to lose these extra calories later. So keeping a check on the nutrient-calorie ratio will help always. 
  • LEARN THE ART OF DECEPTION – Yes! The art of deception can help trick your mind on how much you ate by taking a smaller plate rather than a big one. The normal portion size on a big plate seems too less as there is more “empty” space on your plate. Whereas, on a small plate, the plate seems full tricking your mind in believing that it ate too much.
Comparison between food on big plate and small plate.
  • “NO BAN” RULE – do not completely cut out any food or food group since all of them play an important role in nutrition. Do not completely ban your favorite foods too. Cutting it out completely will only make you crave more of them, and when you have a chance, it is likely that you will end up eating all that lost calories at once! The idea here is to keep a check on the calorie count and nothing will affect you once in a while! 
  • CONTROL YOUR KITCHEN – do not have a stock of unhealthy foods in your kitchen like chips, chocolates, cakes or fizzy drinks. Keep only healthy snacks within reach so that when you want to munch on something you will still make a healthy choice. Some options could be fruits, dry fruits, oat-meal cakes, natural pop-corn that you can munch on.
  • DON’T DRINK YOUR CALORIES – when you are keeping a check on what you eat, it is necessary to keep a check on what you drink too. Alcohol – in any form, has to be avoided. Alcohol has too many calories and sugar content which will only aid in gaining weight and nothing more. Alcohol will also hinder with the absorption of the nutrients in your body which is not very good on a weight loss plan. You can read the blog about alcohol and its effects to know more.

Also, fruits should be taken as full fruits itself. Do not juice them. Fruit juices miss a lot of nutrients than a whole fruit such as fibre and antioxidants. When juicing it, fructose (fruit sugar) breaks down giving your body too much of sugar too, which is not a good thing for any body type. 

Do not drink your calories.
  • PLAN YOUR MEALS AHEAD – plan your meals for the day and prepare them at home. A home cooked meal is very healthy as you are aware of all the ingredients that go in. You will automatically cut down on oils and salts, which the restaurants will not. Also having your snacks planned for the day will help your mind adjust with the food type you are planning to eat. When not planned ahead you tend to pick the calorie dense foods when hungry because as the saying goes – “when hungry, everything goes!” That is what exactly happens when you do not choose wisely. 

So at last, the best way to lose weight is by adapting to change that you can do for a long term. Keeping short term goals will make you gain weight as soon as you stop the routine. Choosing wisely and taking a few steps towards healthy eating will do the magic for you without and difficulties. 

-Team myDaily.